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Millennials Suck: Maybe.

Millennials are sore losers, cry babies, selfish, and lazy. These are just a few of the numerous descriptors that have been given to millennials in the past few years as the generation is now reaching the age where they can truly impact society and the course it takes for years to come. Social media has had a hay day with these ideas about millennials as the feed to any Facebook page will show memes, articles, and videos either poking fun at the generations miscellaneous plunders or depicting serious doubts about what this generation can do. So let’s set the records straight about millennials.

Without a doubt there are people between the ages of 18 and 35 (they are typically considered to be anyone born in the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s) that are giving fuel to the fire that allows others to present this generation as one of the above descriptors you have seen or heard about. But isn’t that every generation? Let’s be honest, the generation you were raised in (speaking to those not born into the millennial generation) had the cry babies or lazy people you are showcasing to be unique to this group of society. The difference is accessibility to social media. The difference is video cameras in our pockets. The difference is there is an outlet for everyone's opinion. The difference is that now, these certain individuals who would been hidden from the rest of the population can come into public view easier and faster than ever before.

If you haven’t seen the numerous videos exhibiting millennials behavior and attitudes, below are two that do so in a humorous way. While I’m sure these videos are meant for entertainment above all else, they do however provide the audience with a false view of the way many millennials think and act in society.

“Millennial International: Sponsor a Millennial Today” represents millennials to be without skills for the real world, without motivation to make a difference, and with immense financial needs for what most would call desires or wants.

“You’ve Gotta Love Millennials - Micah Tyler” is a parody song that has an extremely talented individual singing about millennials. The end of the video shows Micah’s face turn to one of worry as he realizes that this group of the population will one day, in the near future, will be running this country.

Not chuckling at these videos is nearly impossible as they both are quite clever and funny. However, with how many people perceive information these days, we must realize that the harmless videos above also have a real danger to them for those in the millennial generation. It sounds hypocritical as I “whine” about the videos causing dismay. Understanding however that many people see these videos and not only agree with them (I agree they have some validity depending on the person) but also find them to be true for all cases, which of course is not reality, is important. There seems to be a disconnect. A disconnect that give the impression that all millennials are all the same, and that they are all bad. There are plenty of hard working individuals whom to no fault of their own have been unlucky. They were born in a time where certain blue collar jobs are leaving the United States for cheaper labor. A push for secondary education has become huge and therefore many graduates have degrees that have no jobs waiting for them when they enter the workforce, and older generations are staying at jobs longer due to modern medicine and a weaker economy. But even all that aside, we can’t overlook the fact that it is harder to be an “adult” at the age of, using me as an example, 25. Without going into much detail about my own life, people my age who have four year degrees and a career that pays regularly are still struggling through no fault of their own. It isn’t that we “want” more money and don’t want to work for it. Rather we “need” the money so we can get out from the crippling debt that we had to accrue to even get to where we are due to the requirements that the economy has put on us. Of course everyone has dreams and being famous and or making lots of money is a dream many people share, not just the millennial generation, but the reality is not elusive to this group that are often called entitled or spoiled. They need to understand that hard work pays off and that getting rich fast is rare and impossible for the majority. If you meet someone who believes otherwise, they are a product of poor parenting and media dishonesty.

“Millennials vs baby boomers: 'I'm offended'” produced by The Guardian, has different individuals from a variety of backgrounds, countries, and careers who speak and respond to many of the untrue claims you may have seen about millennials.

I feel at this point it is safe to say that millennials are getting a worse rap than they deserve. But lets assume this is not true and that millennials are actually in fact a more lazy and whiny generation than any that has come before. Who is truly the one to blame for this situation?

Growing up I certainly never forced anyone into giving me participation trophies when I would lose. I never made sure that everyone got equal stuff and it was free for all my friends and I. As a young child, one has little to zero power in the rewards and punishments he/she receives. Therefore, the ones who put participation trophies in our hands were the adults. For most of us, our parents are from the baby boomer generation. Discussion why that generation is one of the worst in recent history is for another day. What is important here is that these adults had the chance to teach their children about losing. Teach them about what it means for things to be fair and unfair. Teach their children about money instead of spoiling them. This poor behavior some are pointing out is one that is learned, not innate. Which means that if the millennials are truly as bad as some make them out to be, that is no fault of their own, just as much as it is one’s fault to be born a certain race.

It is time to have an honest discussion about who is really at fault.

It may be tough to hear for some as they were pointing fingers at the millennials, but there are two possible options for why millennials are getting a bad rap. One, the internet has allowed the general public to view the now much more accessible millennial generation in which the losers, cry babies, and spoiled brats are on display for the first time in history. Or two, the millennial generation is a group of loser cry baby brats created by their parents.

Stop pointing fingers at millennials and either try to adjust the learned behavior or point fingers at those from your own generation who are the exact same, but no longer can you blame the millennial generation as a whole for being as horrible as they are made out to be by social media and the press.

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