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Always Forward: Unapologetically American

Enough with the hate. Enough with the protests. Enough with the petitions. Enough is enough. I am. Angry. Appalled. Disheartened. Not by the man in office, but by the people in this country. Quite frankly, I am exhausted by the division in this country, and the division of all of my friends whom I have come to love very much. In our world, the danger is very real, but fear, is a choice. You think you're devastated just because your candidate didn't win? Just because this man is in office? Or just because you're seeing ideologies personified, that have always been there? Go ahead and tell the children of war torn Syria, the victims of cartel violence in Colombia, the poor village children of India, that you are emotionally devastated just because a candidate with differing views from yourself won. Go ahead. And see how that pans out for you.

So that being said, I'll start off with this: Learn to see both sides of the issue, stop being afraid, and work together. The viral events you see... You aren't dealing with anything new. You're dealing with more social media broadcasts than ever before. In fact, you're seeing what's always been out there with your sensitive eyes. I do acknowledge that most racists are using the president as a symbol to justify their hatred. Well that's just how ISIS uses Islam to justify their "crusade." Think about it, it makes no sense. Assholes like this will find any excuse to lash out, they've been doing it for years, now they just have something to hide behind. Does that make Islam terrible? No. And it does not make our president terrible. And for the record. Minorities hating on whites will not make the situation any better. However, does all of that make it ok? Absolutely not. But I am glad that your eyes have finally been opened to reality. Should you be afraid of walking to your car at night? No. Because the few assholes that tarnished this nation's great reputation, want you to feel that fear. Do not give them that satisfaction.

Over the years, I have lost count how many times I've been called a terrorist, I've been told to go back to go to my country, I've been randomly searched without probable cause, I've been personally threatened, and my family have been threatened to have our house and businesses burned down, just because we look "threatening". Want to know by who? By Black and White America. And as I look on Facebook, this was done by some of the same people who cry out for equality today, I have felt their hatred. And you know who you are. So before you accuse me of not understanding, or not doing my research, check yourself first. But even then, people are capable of change. And I for one will never stoop down to their level. You give me adversity, and I'll show you how great I can be. I will always be kind. I will always hold doors open for strangers. I will always smile through darkness. I will always be wholeheartedly, unapologetically, ME.

So what I'm saying is: It's not his fault. It's not his supporters fault. It's time to stop labeling. It's not US vs. THEM. Are all white people bad because of a few asshole racists? No. Are all Trump supporters racist, sexist, misogynistic, whateverthefuckphobic assholes, just because a few are? No. Are all black people bad because of a few asshole rioters who don't know when to stop? No. Are all millennials lazy, sensitive, and blind to see both sides of the issue because a few assholes live in a narrow minded bubble? No. Are all Hillary supporters pathological liars, and corrupt individuals, just because a few assholes are? No. Are all Muslims bad because of a few asshole terrorists? No. But even they acknowledge that radical ideologies and radical Islam is a huge threat.


We are all in this together now.

I don't personally agree with all of President Trump's views, but I genuinely do want him to succeed, and I am optimistically and realistically excited to what the future holds. As someone recently said, hoping that President Trump fails, is like hoping the pilot of the plane we are all sitting on fails. #NotMyPresident? Enough with that bullshit, people talk about not wanting regression. Well that is exactly what all of you divisionaries are doing. Do you really want to stoop to that ignorant level just because "people did it last time?" Grow up. And I thought you all wanted to move forward, people like that, are the reason this country is going backward.

So now, you have two choices: Either you can sit in a corner, cry about it, grieve about it, protest all you want, sign useless petitions, it's not going to make a damn difference, so stop wasting your time. OR we can all work together, economically, financially, socially support good change, and oppose any sort of adversity, tear down the barriers of ignorance on both sides, silence the few racists, sexists, homophobes, etc. AND MAKE THIS COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE.

For the past few years, I have seen countless memes and pictures saying how Washington D.C., has become a cesspool of corruption, bought out by corporations, and the American working class are fed up with the direction that this country is going. Well that's exactly what President Trump has sought out to do, to drain the swamp, and for example, enact term limits, for everyone. If you think he's sexist, look into his companies. He hires more capable women than men, and pays them equally, if not more, based on personal merit. If you think he's racist, then look at his past 30 years of history with multicultural people, all harmonious. You say he's a failed business man, but you don't become worth billions by being a failure. Bankruptcy is a part of business, and it's not always bad. And you really won't know that until you actually run a business. So what, he was born rich, he made a few million into a billion. Some people can't even make a dollar out of 10 cents. So enough. Don't believe me? Go research that yourself. And for Latinos, let's be real, you all are some of the hardest working demographics, this country has ever seen. But, illegal immigration is huge problem, and getting legal citizenship into this country is a mess, and that is also a problem. This exact system, our president has vowed to fix. You won't find that in any media outlet, once again, do your research. As for the LGBTQ ️‍community, our new administration stands for all of us. You ask why he chose Mike Pence? It was a strategic move to win over the conservative republicans in opposition, Pence really has no power in the light of things. And this goes out to everyone, if those rights are attempted to be diminished, you have the majority of the country to support you. Including me.

Yes, President Trump has said some very dumb, most eloquently put, shit, but haven't we all? Does that make it ok? No. But apologies have been sincerely made. I hear Everyone say, "If you knew me last year, you don't know me today, because I am not the person I was last year, or even yesterday." So why the hell would you judge someone on words he said in 2009. Moral of the story, if you've given Hillary (or anyone else) the benefit of the doubt for the ability to change for the better, based on let's say, her past corrupt track record, anti African American rhetoric, or anti LGBTQ rhetoric, then you must do the same for the other side.

The majority (if you're debating the electoral college, you need to go back to school, and learn that it is in fact, based off of the individual state's popular vote) of the people have spoken, and we are sick and tired of asshole politicians who do nothing once they're in office. Small businesses, the backbone (60% of the national economy) are suffering. The working class, are suffering. The poor seem to get poorer and the rich just get richer. There comes a time when just your individual social issues aren't the number one, or the only, priority. This country has more needs than that!

If you've never believed America was great? Then for God's sake help make it great. Our home is broken, help us fix it. We all grew up here, and I for one, have been, and will always be PROUD to be an American. Believe in yourself, as a good human. Be strong. Be noble. And as your friend that you've known for minutes, days, or years, I plead to you: Let's work together and change history for the better.


We always preach to see the light of good in others, and to see the good in every situation. That not every day may be a good day, but there is good in everyday. It's about damn time we practice what we preach.

And even then, if you can't get on board, unified with our government and her people, then fine, frankly put, the mentally weak will protest, and the mentally strong will lead this country.

So in conclusion, I ask you: Where do you want to stand?

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